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TEAM Fabrication
About Us

Company Profile

TEAM Fabrication Inc. was born to serve the "build-to-print" and custom designed equipment needs of its customers. TEAM Fabrication's approach to the markets is to find clients who needed something no one else makes, help them design what they need, and build it for them.

EMARK Industries was formed in 1982 to serve the growing market for custom designed equipment. The name "EMARK" is synonymous with a wide range of custom designed, highly specialized electro-mechanical systems including Bullet Recovery Systems and related equipment. EMARK Industries also promotes the design services, mechanical contracting and other ancillary services shared and offered to clients by TEAM Fabrication and EMARK.

The customer base extends from Western New York to the entire Northeast region of the United States. Clients had been served throughout the U.S. and Canada. TEAM Fabrication has a reputation for their responsiveness to customer needs, which results in significant business from repeat customers. TEAM Fabrication and EMARK personnel have ventured out to serve clients in Central and South America, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world. The headquarters of TEAM Fabrication and EMARK Industries is on Davis Road in West Falls, New York.

TEAM Fabrication and EMARK Industries share a team of highly-skilled mechanical and electrical designers. Well schooled in the theories and practices of engineering, the members of TEAM Fabrication's design group also offer a wealth of practical experience. There is a mixture of youthful creativity and lessons learned; vanguard ideas that are fine-tuned for practicality.

The Evolution of TEAM Fabrication was yesterday's challenge. Our job for today and duty for tomorrow is the same as it was when we started this company ----

----We are dedicated to excellence in product quality and customer service.